Welcome in that side of the universe
In un passato lontano dove nessuno esisteva, le stelle si disintegrarono
I frammenti di esse si unirono e diventarono la Terra
Da una sostanza, per qualche ragione, fù creata la vita
Il nostro sangue è polvere di stella liquida.

_Poeta giapponese_
Queen Ariel: From concept to creation


Queen Ariel has been a cosplay I’ve been wanting to tackle for about a year now. As a huge fan of Disney and their Princesses, I have this goal to recreate each one of their stories to having some badass, alternate ending.  Ariel was actually the first concept that my boyfriend, Tony, and I thought up. The second was Jasmine, but since she was a lot easier to create, she was made first. 

This is what Ariel started out as: a sketch (and no, I’m not a good artist :P) 


I knew the design would consist of armor, so a crapton of worbla was needed. I used 2 1/2 jumbo sheets for this cosplay

The breastplate was first. I used Paperclay to make the seashell shape on the bust, draped the worbla to make the seashell shape, and then removed the clay to reduce weight. 


What was great about this costume was that I have complete creative freedom. The design started out pristine and pretty, but I realized that metal armor underwater would most definitely be gritty and gross, and I quickly started changing the design to match that, with barnacles, gruesome shark teeth, and even “live” creatures! The octopus is made out of Model Magic and covered in resin. 


This was originally supposed to be my right and only bracer, but once I made the conch shell, I felt that my right arm was much too “heavy” looking, so I ended up making a simpler bracer for my right arm and using the octopus one for my left. I’m still quite saddened by this, because the octopus is kind of on the wrong side, and it’s hard to see in shots. 

The conch shell was actually not as hard as it looks — It took A LOT of worbla, but I made a craft foam version of the shell the best I could, and then draped the worbla over it to get the basic shape. I then added all of the spikes afterwards, and then attached giant D-rings to sew the straps onto. 


The next details ended up being more time-consuming than I originally thought: The trident, webbed fingers, crown and tail(s). 

The trident consists of pvc piping, a crappy cheapo trident from the halloween store, worbla and Model Magic. I needed my trident to be collapsible so I could fit it in my suitcase, so I hid the twist-y on divider thingies with elaborate-looking worbla cylinders. It’s not the ideal look, but it was the best I could come up with. I then used the plastic trident as a base, and used Model Magic to shape the trident into the shape I wanted. I waited for it to dry, did probably five layers of paper mache, and then about five layers of wood glue, and although it’s a little lumpy, I like it’s finished look enough! I’m quite inexperienced and crappy at props, so my thought is “good enough”!

I used this tutorial to create the webbed fingers: http://www.cosplaytipsandtricks.tumblr.com/post/27917780278

Ended up being really easy, I just needed to redo them a few times because I’m dumb :P


My mermaid tail is made out of rubber-coated spandex and looked like this originally


My awesome friend, Kiki Snell (http://kikicraft.tumblr.com/), went above and beyond when I asked her for help with the airbrushing. She made it look like this: 


She used silicone latex to get the cool effect on the tail, but sadly the paint she used didn’t stretch, so when it came time for me to put it on, it peeled off :( I ended up doing a really quick paint job the day before I left for Katsucon (which I sadly never ended up at), and the finished tail looked like this: 


Oh how I wish I could have one of those gorgeous, uber-expensive full silicone tails, but this served it’s purpose so well, and Kiki made it crazily more beautiful than anything I could’ve created! ^_^

I wasn’t going to be able to handle the whole convention without walking around, so I made myself a ballgown “tail” to wear around the convention! It was a quick, slightly-rushed project, so it wouldn’t be horrible to redo it someday!image

I sadly didn’t make it to Katsucon, but the next week I was invited out to California to join Martin Wong and Meagan Marie for a trip to Yosemite National Park, so I went down a day early, and we shot photos of Ariel at the ocean near Highway 1. Seriously a dream come true, and Martin captured this cosplay so beautifully. 




The first convention Ariel will be seeing is Wondercon in Anaheim, CA, on April 18th! 

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Little girls grown up

Finally yesterday I saw the tiny and cute Azzurra, the baby of my friend, she is so little but she have a large stomach. She is the most adorable little “buddha” I ever seen!

And let me think that, me and her mother are friends from so long… I never imagine to see this moment :’)

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How do you make the flowers for the flower crown? like specifically what material is it? Its super cool and I want to make one I just don't know what I need.




Hmm, I just reblogged it from another site, but I think I can help you in terms of what to buy and how to do it. If you click the link, it’ll take you to the complete photo post that shows you what you need. In any event, here’s the list:

  • Nail polish
  • Floral wire, a thin bendable wire is ideal. 26 Gauge is fine. imageimage
  • Floral Tape            image
  • Wire cutters/scissors
  • a pencil or cylindrical object to wrap the petals around
  • Ribbon (optional)


  1. First, you’re gonna need to make the crown. You can do this by using the wire you already have or you can use an old headband or anything that you like that resembles a headpiece. Thicker wire is also fine for this step.image       As you can see, OP twisted two pieces of wire together and left loops at the end (to attach the ribbon). Then they covered it in brown floral tape.
  2. The second step is to make the flowers. Using your pencil/cylindrical object, twist the wire around it to create a ‘petal’. Repeat this until you have at least a couple of petals. 3-6 is usually fine, it’s really your call. image
  3. SLIGHTLY bend the petals back to create a natural looking petal.image
  4. After you are satisfied with the shape of your petals, cut out your flower, leaving some wire left to attach it to your crown. 
  5.  Repeat the first few steps and make the rest of your flowers.
  6. Take one of your flowers and CAREFULLY apply nail polish to it, one petal at a time. Think of it like making bubbles. It may be easier to pour the nail polish in a flat plate and dip it, or dip the entire flower into the polish.imageRepeat this for all your remaining flowers.
  7. Twist the two ends of your flowers together to form a ‘stem’.image
  8. Wrap the stems with floral tape, preferably with the same color you used in the base of the crown.imageRepeat this for all your remaining flowers.
  9. The third step will be attaching the flowers to your crown. You can do this a few ways. One way is to wrap the stems around the crown. Another way is to just wrap the stems with floral tape as you go along, like the OP did.imageDo this until all your flowers have been attached to your crown.
  10. At this point, you can tie the ribbons to the loops like OP did, or decorate it any other way you like. :)


Enjoy your new floral crown!


  • You can purchase most of the items in Walmart, Michael’s or any craft or flower store. You can also order it online. :)
  • REMEMBER, this tutorial is just a guide. If you don’t want to use brown floral tape or if you prefer using the green floral wire, don’t be afraid to change it up. You can use any color or material your heart desires.

This is the link to the DIY Floral Crown post. 

Sorry for replying late. I hope this helps you with making your own crown. :)

holy shit this nail polish thing is so clever! 8O





When you’re just scrolling and then you suddenly find porn


When you scroll down and you keep seeing more and more


What makes this so accurate is the amount of cocks